WIN Partners with Creating Ground to Host Powerful ‘Keeping Faith’ Art Workshop

On May 21st, Women’s Interfaith Network partnered with Creating Ground – a grassroots group of migrant women in South London creating stronger communities through participatory arts – to host the first community event of the ‘Keeping Faith Programme’.

After a few games to help us get to know each other and begin to find areas of common ground, we began to gather in pairs and small groups to explore what faith means to us and the challenges we face in keeping faith in our own lives. Although the women in the room came from every continent and spoke different languages, we found that we shared key values as well as similar worries about the future of our communities.

Laura Marziale from Creating Ground then led us all through an art workshop, using a mixture of drawing and collage to grow our own gardens of faith: planting seeds of hope and resilience and thinking about the actions we could take to help them grow. We then shared our creations with each other, and put them all together to create a vibrant ‘Keeping Faith’ garden, reflecting all we had in common while celebrating our differences. As we left the space, Laura reminded us all to remember the garden we made together, an example of how much we need each other to nurture our faith and help it grow so we can have the biggest impact in our lives and communities.

Attendees shared how they felt at the end of the event, as we exchanged hugs, cups of tea and promises to keep the conversation going.





Proud of Each Other




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