About Women’s Interfaith Network (WIN)

September 11th 2001 was a defining day in world history. The sense of outrage, disbelief and profound despair at the senseless act of terrorism was shared by millions of people all over the world – regardless of where they lived, their religion or which community they belonged to.

Two friends, Lady Gilda Levy and Pinky Lilani, OBE, from two different communities asked each other how can we promote understanding and a sustainable dialogue between women of different faiths and cultures? The birth of Women’s Interfaith Network was the answer to their question.

We need to promote a dialogue that would foster communication and trust, as for too long we have seen each other through the dangerous prism of stereotypes. Only by engaging with each other would we be able to dismantle those stereotypes, build understanding, trust and to replace ignorance with knowledge and prejudice with friendship.

WIN is an organisation composed of different women’s groups from diverse religions who have come together to engage in meaningful dialogue with other women from all faith communities and are committed to building a more tolerant and inclusive society.

WIN is a testimony to our determination to do something to make a difference to the world in which we all live, and the world that we will leave to our children.

What We Do

WIN aims to promote the harmony of faiths and cultures for the benefit of the public and society by:

· Bringing women together to deal with common issues that affect all communities

· Encouraging women to develop skills and self-confidence

· Identifying barriers that hold women from achieving their full potential

· Organising educational visits to places of worship, to share knowledge and understanding of the diverse faiths

· Building partnership with other organisations