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We support women in setting up inclusive women’s interfaith groups. Groups are run by the members themselves with full support from Head Office. Our current groups are based in London and the South East of England but new groups can be set up anywhere, just email us to ask how!

Members can join WIN for free as Group or Independent members. Joining WIN provides women of all ages, cultures, faiths or no faith, races and orientations with the opportunity to get to know other like-minded people in a friendly and supportive setting.

As a member of WIN, you will:

  • Receive invitations to special events
  • Receive discounted tickets to paying, public WIN events
  • Be sent newsletters and notices of upcoming activities
  • Have the opportunity to take part in WIN projects and campaigns
  • Challenge your preconceptions and those of others
  • Build your confidence and leadership skills and gain a new perspective

Full training and volunteer support

WIN Head Office offers full training and volunteer support to assist with the development of all new and existing WIN groups. If you would like to join an existing group or start one in your area, we would love to hear from you.

Becoming a WIN Member is free for new or renewing Independent or Group Members If you are interested in becoming a member or starting a new group in your area please email


"I am in my 80s and have met spiritual-minded people from all walks of life since I was so fortunate to join WIN. I have learnt that many paths lead to God. Thank you for being there for me."

Ruth, East Sussex WIN

"I'm very happy to be part of our interfaith group, because it has brought some lovely people of different faiths into my life and given me further knowledge, understanding and tolerance of their faiths or no faith, as well as allowing me to form a sisterhood with like-minded ladies. Our friendship is based on mutual understanding and trust and a genuine liking for each other."

Shameem, East Sussex WIN

“Through dialogue, understanding and respecting each other’s culture, religion and traditions, I have found many similarities and few differences. I have made many friends amongst my fellow WIN members and feel empowered to contribute to greater unity, peace and harmony within our diverse communities.”

Sudarshan, Gants Hill WIN

"My experience with WIN has been hugely rewarding. Through my involvement with WIN, I have gained a family of sisters that truly support, nurture and care for each other, but whom also want to make a difference in our community. Furthermore, the diversity and breadth of our wide membership means we get to experience a wide range of expressions of faiths and none from a huge cross section of the community.”

Averil, Waltham Forest WIN