STATEMENT: Women’s Interfaith Network Statement – March 16th 2021

Since International Women’s Day, our hearts have been heavy with the knowledge that women are not safe in public spaces. This is not new information, but it is particularly devastating to be reminded that even those in positions of trust contribute towards the harm that women face on a daily basis.

Over 110 women in the UK have been killed by male violence in the past year*. 85,000 women aged 16 to 59 experience rape or attempted rape in England and Wales every year**. It is essential that we do not become desensitised to these horrific statistics. Each number refers to a real woman living a real life.

The safety of all women must be protected by the society we live in. Women will not be safe until we have a justice system that supports victims and convicts the perpetrators of violence against women and girls. We also support the right to hold vigils, demonstrate and protest freely and safely. We condemn the use of excessive force by police in these instances.

At WIN we acknowledge the tireless work by campaigners and organisations to improve the lives and safety for all women in society and we will continue to strive towards a world free from prejudice.


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