Unexpected Connections’ for InterFaith Week 2020

2020 brought us all challenges, sadness and many difficulties. It also, however, drove us to share and collaborate in new unexpected ways. To mark 2020, an extraordinary year, and a very different kind of Interfaith Week, we focused on the theme of ‘Unexpected Connections’. We received poems, drawings and stories from our members exploring how their involvement in interfaith work had enriched their lives and the relationships that they have built with those they’d least expected. This collection of work by our members now serves as a record of an unprecedented period of history and its effect on interfaith communities. Through working with women from diverse communities for over 20 years, we at WIN have found that the strongest interfaith relationships are often built on finding joy in our differences as well as the surprising similarities. Even those from vastly different faith and cultural backgrounds can develop organic connections over a shared love of food, a shared experience or cultural practice.

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