The 'Keeping Faith' Programme

We all find it hard at times to ‘keep faith’, whether it’s in ourselves, in each other, in belief or religion, in the future or the world around us. However hard it is, keeping faith is crucial, not just to our own wellbeing, but to the wellbeing of our communities.

This year, WIN is celebrating its 20th anniversary by launching our new ‘Keeping Faith’ programme: a year-long national conversation engaging people of different cultures, ages and backgrounds as well as bridging secular and religious divides. Throughout the year, we are bringing different audiences together to explore the theme of ‘Keeping Faith’, through a series of events, a new interview podcast – ‘Keeping Faith: A How To Guide’ – and a book of women’s writing, which will be published in 2025.

Our Chair, Lady Gilda Levy shares the meaning behind the project:

Twenty years ago when we launched WIN the world was still in profound shock from 9/11 and its aftermath. Now, twenty years later, little seems to have changed – or has it? Keeping Faith is a celebration of our twentieth anniversary through exploring where we are today as a society, how we got here, and our faith in a better future for all. My sincere thanks go to: Tara Corry and Maeve Carlin for all their hard work and commitment in putting this project together; Marion Waruguru for her administrative and financial skills behind the scenes; Sorcha Connell, for her help and advice in managing the logistics; Adam Brichto for all his help with the podcast and Jasey Finesilver for his inspiring art work.”

Watch this space for updates throughout the year!

‘Keeping Faith: A How To Guide’ – A New Podcast from the Women’s Interfaith Network

Our new podcast Keeping Faith: A How To Guide explores how women keep faith – in ourselves, in each other, in a cause, or in religious faith – so you can learn how to keep faith too. Each episode, we’ll be interviewing a different guest, some names you know and some you should know, to find out what keeping faith means to them.
Listen to Episode One with Rabbi Debbie Young-Somers on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or your favourite podcast app.
Check out the podcast website HERE.
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